Reflecting I


Comfort.  Liberating serenity confined in solitude.
Basking in the stillness of black.
Do you even realise that you are comatose?
Silence resounds in the hallows of time
So loud you’ve even forgotten the cause for the refrain.
Wrapped in the remnants of a golden era long gone.
Break free from that manmade husk of anger, fear, regret, pain
Rejoice in the sunshine that was unjustly banished from life.
Reacquaint yourself with you in your regal glory.

I wrote this back in March waiting for a train into London Bridge.  I was listening to Lost Queen by Pharrell Williams on constant rotation at that point.  My favourite part was:

 You’ve got to go in the world
To experience the outer space that was meant for you

I made an active decision to hold my head up high like I had a crown on my head and not settle for a mediocre standard of living.  I wanted to live up to my name.  Saraiya is the Arabic derivation of the Hebrew Sarai/Sarah.  It means Princess of the Multitude. Royalty. Royals battle for what they believe in and generally use the power they possess for the better good for those they care about.  Royals do not shy away from situations because they are frightened of failure.  Even if they do have trepidations about the direction life is going or let their egos get the better of them, they have loyal confidantes and subjects who advise them the best they can and encourage them with their decisions every step of the way.

Everything that happens is for a reason.  I believe that Allah designed the Cosmo that way.  We are celestial beings with royalty shining.  Some of us are blessed to tap into the source to have it burst through in our actions and aura.  Some, myself included, have this energy supply that has been dormant for so long it’s a forgotten notion.

A wise person once said people don’t tell each other that they are amazing.  He then went on to prompt the crowd to turn to the person next to them and say “You’re Amazing.”

I want you to look yourself in the mirror.  Look long and hard.  Think about the things that don’t have a monetary or social value.  Look at yourself.  You’re worthy.  You are blessed, you’re strong and living in the most advanced and dangerous times in history.  Look at yourself and say “You’re Amazing”.


– Saraiya

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