20 Facts about Me

A busy schedule is no excuse to post, so here I am.  I’ve got loads to share about faces, places and spaces I’ve experienced in the city, but I thought maybe I should let you know more about The Princess of The Multitude.

You liked that didn’t you?  Rolls off the tongue … No?  ….  Moving swiftly.

20factsaboutme1. I was born in London on Thursday 15 June 1989 at 11:48pm.

2. My father is called Mohammed and my mother is called Ayesha.  Coincidentally my father is older than my mother.  They were destined to be together.

3. I’ve been hosting a radio show for about 3-4 years with my really good friend.  It’s called Dilemma and we speak about anything and everything under the sun, had guest performers and review shows.

4. I have an obsessive fascination with skulls.  I especially love ornately decorated skulls and I have a collection of skulls on my desk at work.

5. I don’t intentionally mean to cause my dad distress, but I tend to do so.  Like the time when I got my tragus and top of my ear pierced.  Or when I was 18 I cut all my hair off and went to the barber and got a pattern.  (“You look worse than a Brixton girl”)  What does a Brixton girl even look like?!  I think the final straw was when I pierced my septum last year.  He told me no man would ever want me.  Guess he never took that very well.

6. My favourite colours are yellow and green.  They make me happy.  But in clothes I prefer black, white and greys.

7. Elephants are beautiful and majestic creatures.  My bucket list item would be to definitely ride an elephant.  I also have an elephant ornament on my desk at work.

8. I studied French up until the age of 17 and then stopped for sheer laziness.  Waste man movements.  I hope to resume my learning of the language and get really shocked when I listen to French songs or watch French films and can still pick up sentences.  The mind is an awesome thing.

9. I was initially diagnosed with dyslexia when I first started formal education and couldn’t read or write coherently until I was 8 years old.  Then something clicked.  I fell in love with reading and would devour books, even when my mother sent me to shops I would walk with my head in a book.  I became a creative writer at age 9 when I wrote a poem for Armistice Day and my teacher was so impressed that I recited it in front of the whole school in assembly.  I’ve gone on to gain a BA in Media Writing.  No position in life is permanent.

10. Despite the fact that I can talk – A LOT – I do spend plenty of hours not speaking to anyone.  I prefer my own company a lot of the time as well.  I think I mainly interact with my colleagues or when I’m out of my house.  Quite sad actually.

11. I have two brothers and a sister: Lamin Saed (21), Nazira Fatmata (17) and Jamal Ibrahim (10).

12.  Jamal is my favourite person in the whole world.

13. My roots lie in Sierra Leone.  My father was born in Koidu Town, Kono District.  Kono District is famous for being rich in diamonds.  My father is from the Fulani tribe, the world’s largest pastorial nomadic tribe spanning through majority of the West African countries, northern parts of Central Africa, Sudan and Egypt.  My mother was born in Freetown, but spent holidays with her paternal grandfather in Samu Chiefdom, Rokoray.  Rokoray is situated in the North.  My mother is from the SuSu tribe, they are descendants of the thirteenth century Mali Empire.  My parents have decided to settle in the western part of Freetown called Kangbe which translates as “The Original”.  It’s called “Hamilton” in English and is famous for it’s beautiful white beaches.

14. I have a pathological fear of large bodies of water, especially when I’m on boats and bridges.

15. I was never allowed to go to sleepovers as a child.  At 15 my school nominated me to go on a foreign exchange trip to France.  My father enthusiastically agreed.  To let me travel to a different country and sleep in a random family’s home for a week.  This will always be one of life’s greatest mysteries to me.  But it was an amazing experience and I’m glad I experienced that.

16. I’ve only been wearing hijab for about 11 months and alhamdulillah I’m still at it!

17. I’m too nice for my own good.  My sister calls me The BFG – Big Friendly Giant.

18. I’m publicly admitting it, but I don’t know what I want to do in life.  That “when I grow up I want to be ..” moment or realization hasn’t hit me and it scares me.

19. I have what Sierra Leoneans call in Krio “sorry heart”.  I’ve always been saddened by people who experience misfortune in their lives.  Always been involved in a charitable cause and I know that I will always give what I can until the day I die.

20. I love burritos.  I love being a burrito in bed.  I love being a burrito of sadness.  I like devouring burritos.  I just love burritos.  Shout out to Burrito Cafe in Charing Cross for the halal chicken burritos!!

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