Spiritual Calibration


Last month I was a guest on The Islam Channel. They have a talk show called Living The Life and wanted to talk about me and my fab blog. Alhamdulillah, who would have thunk it?! I even had the opportunity to recite my poem Cocoon. The latter part of this year has been full of many firsts because that’s the first time I’ve recited a poem publicly in 16 years.

All that’s come to pass has only been possible by the mercy and blessings of Allah. One aspect of this blog was for me to convey how I live life as a Muslim woman in the city. A few weeks ago I came across this image on Instagram:


I told my colleagues about my blog and me going on television. So being curious souls naturally, they asked for my site url which I happily supplied. After the laughs about my undying love for burritos, one of my colleagues said he found my frankness very admirable.

“How can you bare your soul to complete strangers?”

I just gave a small smile and shrugged. Because how can I explain that the only person who knows my soul is Allah. The relief that engulfs my being when I’m in sujood and my forehead connects to the ground is a feeling I wouldn’t trade for all the halal burritos in London. Every thought, feeling, doubt, fear, elation just seeps out and creates a haze of hope and happiness.

That I can express my deepest regrets and wishes without having to worry about being judged. Subhanallah.

I leave you with one of my favourite duas:



I am pleased with Allah as my lord, Islam as my religion and Muhammad (pbuh) as the Prophet.

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