Reflecting III

Hi Nana, it’s me, Rai
I know you can’t hear me, it’s probably too late
But it’s been a while and I thought you’d like an update

Life’s been a whirlwind and I don’t know where to start
But you’re probably only concerned with the matters of my heart

I’m still single, I haven’t walked down the aisle
And to be quite frank I don’t see that happening in a while.
I know you’re probably kissing your teeth, I know you want a reason to tun up
But I’m still waiting for the right person, insha’allah, to turn up

I guess I’m being really picky, that much is true
I guess I’m waiting to meet someone who loves me like you do

Like you did

The tears that soaked my pillows through
Can’t absorb the tears I’ve cried for you
You see those guys that at times in my life I thought were my life support
Cannot compare to the love you brought

When they waged a war on my heart and left me in defeat
And I’d end up a wreck, reduced to weep and weep and weep

You held my face in your soft perfumed hands
And you firmly told me “don’t ever shed your tears for an unworthy man!”

You told me to never sell myself short, that I’m worth more than the gold chains you would rock

Just like your jewellery that remains in the box
And there they will stay
My love I won’t pawn or cheaply give away

My love won’t be bartered, it’s not a commodity
It’s a precious and sacred trophy
That to a worthy contender will be awarded for free
To a man that wants all of me

I won’t take anymore time, I’ll wrap this up
I’m rambling now and probably said too much
Signing off, I know I won’t hear from you soon
It’s bye for now, love you all the way to the moon.


I enjoy talking and it’s common knowledge that I talk a lot.  But nobody enjoyed talking than my late grandmother.   She could talk for Sierra Leone and South London!  You always got the busy tone or voicemail when you called her.  Hence the style I wrote this poem in.

The last coherent conversation I had with her was on Christmas Day when she made it clear and set the trend of “when are you getting married? You better hurry up Saraiya!”

We never got the opportunity to conclude or follow up and it’s been a year.  It felt like the right thing to do, make my thoughts tangible and all that jazz.

Whatever you do today, let the ones you love know that you love them.  You never know when you have to imagine they are telling you they love you back.  And trust me that’s not an easy pill to swallow.


– Saraiya



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