New Year Blues, Sunny hues, Queen Convos.

First and foremost, I hope you’re all having a blessed start to 2015.  I’m two months deep in the new year with a new philosophy and ethos – I must take the bad with the good.  You have to take the bad first because it’s first alphabetically and you know us Brits are sticklers for protocol.  So I will regurgitate the bad thoughts that I have had thus far to make way for the good:

  • I am a first generation Brit of Sierra Leonean descent.  I have melanin. There is no way I am engineered to deal with this cold.  It’s inhumane to expect me to live in these conditions with a smile on my face.  Bring back Autumn ASAP.
  • Whilst December’s early Pay Day was amazing in the festive season where there were bargains and lots of merriment to be made, I have reached the stage where I am financial stranded in a desert with no sign of an oasis of funds to reach me until the end of the month.  Whilst the first few days of having a healthy bank balance was amazeballs, once the bills were paid I’m right back to square one.  #firstworldproblems
  • Life always seems to be more morbid and depressing now than any other time of the year (bar my birthday – everything is depressing then also).

Right.  That’s off my chest.  Onwards and upwards.  I’m happy and blessed to have the opportunity to vent alhamdulillah.  And don’t get me wrong, those things I’ve listed do make me feel bleurgh.  But that is exactly what friends are for – to take the bleurgh out of life and uplift you.


Devika to the rescue.  A few messages via Whatsapp and I found myself venturing like a lost tourist frantically looking from Google Maps to the street ahead of me and fighting the cold.   Most commonly known for it’s halal chicken shops, estates and numerous nail bars; in the past few years Camberwell has become a haven for foodies to get lost in the melee of eateries.  Malako is the hidden gem where I met up with my kindred spirit.

 IMG_6555 (1) IMG_6541 IMG_6551

This creperie is the place vegetarians, vegans and gluten-freers have been dreaming off.   Whether you simply want to indulge in a hot brew (herbal tea in our case) or you have a taste for sweet crepes and savoury galettes (made from buckwheat) you are most definitely in for a treat.

 IMG_6550 IMG_6552 IMG_6557IMG_6548

Mismatch furniture, African print upholstered sofas, walls adorned with art made by local residents and a ceiling covered in Brazilian coffee bean bags.  With a world music playlist and the aroma of assorted spices, I can feel the warmth of the tropical sun as I am transported to a place of contentment and serenity, watching the hustle and bustle of Camberwell.

 IMG_6542 IMG_6553

With a sip of fresh mint tea, I allowed the weight on my shoulders to slide off as I listened, discussed, laughed and lived in the moment.

Shout out to Atta, the Ethopian/Eritrean brother who served us and had the most radiant smile I have seen in a while.  

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