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Pay Day is looming and the only thing on my mind is learning how to budget.  At the ripe old age of 25, I still haven’t grasped the concept of budgeting, living within my means, cutting my shirt to my size or as my mother likes to put it: “Spend money like you have some common sense”.

Believe me, I do try my hardest to follow Mother Dearest’s wise words.  But as soon as my wages hit my bank account, I think I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover!   The worst thing is most of my money goes on food.   Stats show that consumer expenditure in the UK on food, drinks and catering has continued to rise despite the economic downturn.   A report by The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs states that spending has increased by 4.1% to £197 billion, with expenditure on food (including non-alcoholic drinks) showing the largest increase by 5.1%.  How great is that, I make up that percentage.   Check me out, helping the economy!

Eating out is an experience in itself, especially when you’re in good company.   I went to Busaba Eathai for the first time with my friend Nimo.

Side note – isn’t her afro epic?

Opening its first branch in Soho in 1999, this Thai eatery was designed to give a fine Thai eating experience with minimal fuss and less cost.   Now a franchise across all zones of London; I was very shocked that I hadn’t been there.  We went to the branch in The O2 and indulged in good eats.

I didn’t bargain on the Thai Calamari (£6.50) being so divine.  Seasoned with ginger and green peppercorns; I found that the only thing that stopped me from ordering another portion was the twinge of guilt on adding more to my bill than need be.

Nimo had the Salmon Fillet (£10.50) with baby spinach, cucumber salad with coconut rice; whilst I opted for the Sen Chan Pad Thai (£9.90) which was a stir fried rice noodle dish with crabmeat, king prawns, egg, tofu, mango and peanut.

Everything was delish.  I haven’t been back since my trip there, but it is definitely somewhere I would go again.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Sen Chan Pad Thai – then again I adore seafood so maybe that’s a bit biased.

Just a tad.

One thought on “Sea Food  x  Chopstix  

  1. Maybe it will help you budget if you always think about how many hours you had to work to buy the desired meal/item…then think was it worth it? And also really being honest with your self about the difference between “I want” and “I need”….I too share your love to splurge on good food but I also LOVE saving money and would be happy to offer you free financial planning anytime 😉

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