zbieg okoliczności.

What is a sign? Google tells me that it is an object, quality or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else. I can’t trust what Google tells me so I checked the Oxford Dictionary and it confirmed that Google was in fact telling the truth. 

Why am I concerned about the definition of a sign? Well, signs in life to me are a way of Allah communicating with me.  

What is the relevance of me writing this?  It’s purely down to zbieg okoliczności. That’s Polish for coincidence. After the last blog post I published on 5th May 2015, life took a few unpredictable turns and I grew negligent with it. I was still writing poetry and anything that came to mind, but I wasn’t making an active effort to really drive the blog forward.

I had a few people prompt me to keep writing and posting consistently, alas laziness prevailed. Until May 14th 2016. I met a web designer who told me they read my blog and wanted to know why I stopped posting. That completely knocked me for six. Being the blunt person I am, I enquired how he got to know about my blog in the first place. He responded that he got to know about my blog through an ex-colleague of his who happened to be from Sierra Leone and Muslim too. Her name was Habiba Bangura and my blog inspired her to become a better Muslimah and make steps to create a lifestyle blog of her own.

Habiba passed away due to endometrial cancer. 

I told you that I believe signs to be are a way of Allah communicating with me, right? 

So my first post is dedicated to Habiba Bangura and the sheer fact that you are always going to impact people’s lives. You won’t even know who is aware of your actions and the effect it would have on them. So come correct and make every day and every action count.

I’ve second guessed my writing and the impact my words have on people. Alhamdulillah I’ll always have these coincidences and signs to let me know that I’m doing the right thing.


May Allah grant sister Habiba Bangura jannatul firdaus.

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