Dark Sugars.

London in the height of summer is a sight to behold.  Schools have closed for the holidays meaning the roads are less congested with parents frantically dashing children to school and more seating space on public transport.  There are so many outdoor food markets and festivals that your Facebook is  sending you daily notifications of events you had every intention of attending but when the day finally arrives you have to reevaluate your intentions.  BBQs and garden parties galore. It’s also supposed to be Summer.  You know with sun.  And me complaining about the heat.  Straight face emoji.  

Bar that one week of glorious heat and sunshine, it’s been really grey.  Really wet.  Really humid.  But rain is a blessing from Allah, so alhamdulillah.  Rather than reaching for the sunnies and an ice cold drink, I’m still leaving the house in a coat and craving a nice hot drink.  Especially on a work day.  

My office is based in Aldgate which is a stone’s throw away from Brick Lane better as Foodie Heaven.  There you will find a melée of small bistros, restaurants and market stalls serving cuisine from all over the world.  Brick Lane is even home to the infamous Cereal Killer Café – a joint whose sole purpose is to feed its customers with all the cereal you can think of. But I digress.  My new favourite place to get a hot beverage is Dark Sugars – home of hand made chocolates, truffles and vegan treats. 

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