Interview with a wordsmith: Meet Saraiya Bah AKA Muslimah in The City!

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakathu and Happy New Year! I know, we’re nearly three months in but I thought it was the appropriate thing to do. I hope you are reading this with good health and your spirit is at peace.

This is a quick one to state that I am still alive, but have been quite busy with creative pursuits that has lead me to having an abrupt hiatus.

At the latter end of 2016, I decided to take my poetry more seriously and began sharing it on a … I think it’s fair to say global level. I will explain in a series of blog posts, but for now, please read this interview about my poetical pursuits written by awesome writer Aisha Morgan of The Black Muslim Times UK.



Saraiya Bah, alternatively known as Muslimah in the City, is a woman of many talents; poet, spoken word artist, freelance writer, and a lifestyle blogger from London.

She joins Aisha Morgan, writer and journalist for TBMT-UK, at Café Nero for a one-to-one discussion on leaving the corporate world to pursue a career in creative and freelance writing, overcoming personal fears and anxieties around performing, and being Aisha al-Qurtubiyya for a day.


AM: As-salaam Alaikum Saraiya! Thank you for joining me today for what will hopefully be a really insightful and thought-provoking discussion. I know this is your first interview for TBMT-UK, so welcome and I hope that youre looking forward to the discussions as much as we are!


SB: Walaikum As-salaam Wa-rahmatullah Wa-Barakatu. Thank you for inviting me here today and thank you to TBMT-UK for reaching out to me to share this much needed platform…

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