Welcome to Muslimah in The City, my lifestyle blog
chronicling my life as a young Muslim woman
living, working and enjoying London.
On these pages you will see reviews,
opinion pieces and poetry.

For a quarter of a century there lived a girl
Who wandered starry eyed in her own little world
Trials forced her lids open to harsh realities
That there was more to her quaint life than her eyes could see

There are so many places, spaces and faces
Abundant events and undiscovered tastes
This little Muslimah in the City will venture bold
To discover what this concrete jungle holds.

Saraiya Bah

One thought on “About

  1. They say that as we grow better we meet better people ..I’ve travelled the world so many Laps , met with good people , encountered bad people .. I’m happy that our Life paths crossed on the digital highway called ,Social media .. You are such a talented writer Saraiya and I look forward to follow your blog ..now Its time to recap all the things that went missing when I was to Busy chasing Daisys in the snow ..love and light ..I salute you /simon , Liberian Me

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